The Cardigan Walking Festival is a chance for walkers to meet like-minded people and experience the beauty and serenity of the Welsh countryside and coastline. However, some planning before the September festival will result in a much more joyful and comfortable experience during the walk. This website has undergone Penetration testing to ensure its legitimacy and has been tested for security to ensure the information about the Cardigan Walk Festival is legitimate.

Here are some suggestions for what to bring;


September is usually not too cold for Cardigan walking but a raincoat, windcheater and waterproof clothing that can be washed quickly will make the walk more comfortable and save time. Quick drying long pants that can be unzipped to become shorts are a popular choice at this time of the year.


Strong comfortable and waterproof shoes are recommended. Shoes should be worn in and walked in for some time before coming to the Cardigan Walking Festival. Quick dry socks, especially for walking, are a valuable addition to your gear.

Hat and Sunscreen

A hat and sunscreen are essential for the September weather. Some people also choose to wear bandannas or beanies depending on the temperature.

Foot and Body Care

Most walks are kept to a reasonable distance. However, for walkers with less experience, it is recommended to bring a first aid kit for blister and foot issues that may arise from walking. It is a valuable precaution that can prevent the worry of finding a chemist or shop on more remote walks such as the coastal track.

A little bit of preparation and consideration of clothing, footwear, head-wear and general foot and body care can prevent hassles and result in a more comfortable walk. Anyone that walks regularly knows that not having the right gear results in delays. it must be remembered that some walks require long stretches of rambling with very few services, shops and access to local towns so it pays to prepare. .