The Cardigan Walking Festival has been created as a result of a whole of community approach to make something new and exciting for walkers coming to Ceredigion County. There are a number of ways to find out more information about the event which is held in September every year. These contacts may be part of the organising committee for the Cardigan Walking Festival or just be interested businesses from Ceredigion County.

The organizing committee for the Cardigan Walking Festival includes Twristiaeth Ceredigion Tourism, Cardigan Bay Events and tourism businesses such as hostels, cottages and hotels. All of these contacts will provide valuable information about organising a walking group or travelling to the The Cardigan Walking Festival. They may also give you important information about the weather conditions, types of gear required for walking and general walking information.

The organizing committee and local contacts can be contacted by the usual means such as postage which may take up to a week to receive a response. Members of the organizing committee and local businesses check emails regularly and usually respond within a few days. The best way to get more information about organizing a walking group or travelling to the Cardigan Walking Festival is to call the following important contacts;

  • Twristiaeth Ceredigion Tourism
  • Cardigan Bay Events
  • Your chosen hotel or hotel

The Cardigan Walking Festival organising committee and local businesses take contact with the public very seriously. They will do their best to get in contact with you about your inquiries but please note that some local organisations are run by volunteers. Some people in the County all have busy lives, families, work and family commitments. The organising committee and local businesses have had previous complaints about emails that were not responded to within a few hours. Local businesses and the organising committee understand the urgency of your inquiry but please be considerate of timing on their part and they will work with you to solve any issues.