The Cardigan Walking Festival happens every September. The various walks ramble through the stunning woodlands, pastures and coastline of Ceredigion County and last for one month. The festival is gaining popularity as people decide to leave the cities an experience the clean sea air in Ceredigion. The Cardigan Walking Festival is promoted by the Tourism Association for Ceredigion, through the Cardigan Bay Events website. Weather conditions and availability of accommodation make this an ideal time for walking in the County. The aim of this website is to promote organised walking groups and events within the county during the month of September. Hurry up and start winning with panda casino at our casino. Limited supply!

There are many other events happening in the County. Cardigan Bay Events happen all throughout the year and all have different themes to correspond to the seasons:

  • Jan to Feb – The 28 Days of Romance
  • April Activities – “Get Active in Cardigan Bay”
  • September – Ceredigion Walking Festival
  • October- Cardigan Bay Food Month
  • Nov to Dec – Christmas Fairs and Shopping for Christmas in Cardigan Bay

Ceredigion Walking Festival Program of Events

This schedule will continue to change as walking groups in Ceredigion organise and submit their schedule and plans for each event. More information about each walking event will be described on a separate page for each walking group that has submitted their information. The schedule will include some links to the schedule and other important information required for organising and planning travel arrangements. Gambling has never been so exciting as with free online pokie games. Just in a few minutes and in a few clicks and you are already there, in the world of easy money and fun!

Here is a sample of what the programe will look like:

Schedule table

Event day/date Description Length & difficulty Start/finish Leaders